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Do not plant trees near your home.

Jul 3


Trees are the most beautiful jewels of every landscape. They are stunning features that protect your property from scorching sun. We suggest that you take the safety and health of your family into account when you are attempting to maintain trees in your yard. Georgetown Tree Service can help you with these issues.

The large tree root can result in structural damage, regardless of how gorgeous they might appear. If they are in close proximity to your house trees could cause roof and exterior damage. If the trees you have aren't correctly planted, all of these and other issues can occur. This can be prevented by following the correct guidelines for planting trees to ensure that your trees are planted in an area that has enough space between your home and the trees.


Trees that are not properly planted could result in structural damage to the structure

If trees aren't properly planted they could cause structural damage in a variety of ways. Here are a few of the things you should be aware of


  • The biggest danger to your home comes caused by tree roots that are large. Trees are tiny, humble gigantic creatures. But, they require enough space to develop their sturdy roots. The roots of trees can extend under your soil regardless of the amount of space they are given. This is the reason why they often cause structural damage to structures. Trees that are not properly planted can cause destruction to driveways, sidewalks and foundations.

  • Trees that are not properly planted can lead to damage to your roof and blockage of gutters. If a tree is too close to your home the limbs of it could be atop the roof. The hanging branches could harm your roof, and can accelerate the process of erosion. If they are not removed dead branches and leaves of your tree could end up in the gutters of your home.

  • The exterior of your home can be damaged by tree branches. As they develop, twigs and branches could damage the exterior of your home. If you need help, contact tree cutting service in Georgetown KY.

  • Your loved ones could be injured from dead trees. If a dead tree is thrown into the wrong place at the wrong time it could cause safety dangers for your loved ones as well as your family. The tree cutting experts in Georgetown are able to help with any tree issue whether it is small or large. There could be a problem in the integrity of your home when trees are not properly placed.

How far away from your home is the ideal distance for a tree to be?


How far away are trees from your house? To make sure that the trees are in a safe manner away from your house There are guidelines. These guidelines can help you prevent any damage. We suggest that trees are planted at a distance of 10 to 20 feet from your home. The distances at which trees should be placed away from your home:


  • It is recommended to plant trees that can reach 70 feet tall or 20 feet further from your house.

  • It is recommended to plant medium trees that are not more than 70 feet in height and 15 feet from your house.

  • It is recommended to plant small trees smaller than 30 feet the height of 10 feet away from your house.

  • Trees that are planted closer to your home's perimeter than 10 feet can pose an immediate threat to the stability of your home and health.


We provide Georgetown ky tree trimming services with years of experience in tree maintenance. We are able to assist if your home is affected by trees that have been misplaced! Our tree services are accessible all over the County and the surrounding areas.



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