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Best OSRS Minigames You Should Play

Jul 20

Old School Runescape has a vast collection of minigames that offer rewards for your time. This includes OSRS gold, XP, and even items! There’s something there for every type of player out there- so don't miss them if you've got the free time to play with friends or family members. But not all games are created equal - here's my list ranking some of the better OSRS minigames.


The Barrows is a great minigame for anyone looking to earn OSRS gold. With luck, it can make you 1 million GP every hour! Ironmen also have the opportunity of getting valuable sets like Verac's set and Guthan's set here. The runes obtained at this location could either be turned into profit or used by ironmen accounts in order to train Magic skills as well.

Mage Arena

All mages know that there is no greater feeling than casting spells with the help of your trusty magic cloak. Paired with a god scroll, it's like you're wielding lightning in each hand! The Mage Arena offers an opportunity for all wizards to grab some Magic Cape gear on their way out these capes are among the best items available and will make those powerful God Spells even stronger when used during spellcasting from other sources such as Spellbooks or Charge Spells.

Tears of Guthix

The Tears of Guthix is a minigame that players can use to boost their skills. The amount you gain from the game depends on how many tears they get in one go, which varies depending on your lowest stat and what skill level it’s at currently. If you are looking for an easy way to quickly power up specific skills like Hunter or Runecrafting with minimal effort, this might be just the thing for you!

For those who have exhausted all options when leveling certain skills due to limited combat experience points gained through traditional methods – we suggest giving our new favorite minigame called Tears of Guthix a try!

The Blast Furnace

This minigame will help you level up your Smithing, but it can also yield some decent OSRS gold. If leveling this skill is what you’re after, I recommend filling the player inventory with Gold Gauntlets and Gold Ore while playing through each playthrough so by the time a session concludes you'll have gained about 300k experience points in Smithing.

TzHaar Fight Caves

The TzHaar Fight Caves is a solo minigame where players must fight against waves upon waves of enemies. On the last wave, Jad appears and you have to defeat him if you want that coveted OSRS Fire Cape, one of the best capes around with both defensive capabilities coupled with offensive bonuses.