Landmarks in Framingham – Boston Harbor Islands and Beyond

There are many Landmarks in Framingham, Massachusetts. The list includes historical places and monuments that are important for any visitor or resident in this great town. In fact, one of the first Bostonians, Robert Warren, was the location of the first court house in Framingham. Others notable Landmarks in Framingham include:


The Preserve. This historic town is located at the juncture of two rivers – Braintree and Windham. It is at the crossroads of the National Path and the Charles River. This natural reserve offers an abundance of wildlife and scenery.


The Arboretum. The Arboretum is a landscaped oasis. It is located on the north side of Framingham. This is the largest preserved garden in the entire city. It is located under the large home on the mountain. This is where you will find beautiful flowers and plants.


Theedge. This is where you’ll find the oldest buildings in Framingham. Built in 1680, the edge has been declared a National Historic Landmark. Theedge hosts annual events to showcase local talent and local art and culture. It has a performing arts theater and a performing arts group.


The Court. The Courthouse is located here. It is the oldest building in Framingham. Built by colonialist John Winthrop, the Courthouse is located on the corner of North Avenue. The Courthouse was designed by architect Daniel Bellamy and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


The Early History Landmarks in Framingham. These early Landmarks in Framingham is located in a part of town called the Early History Landmarks. This is where the Pilgrims settled in Framingham in 1630. This is also where the first colony of the Massachusetts Bay Colony was formed by the Mayflower.


The Parish Church. This is a two-story, century-old building located in the center of town. The parishioners were originally members of the Mayflower Pilgrims. The parish church is considered to be one of the oldest Churches in Massachusetts.


The Seaport Village. This is a residential area for people who work at the ports of call in Framingham. Many tours boats anchor in this area during spring and summer. The Seaport Village is located on Station Street at the corner of Washington Street. Many tours boat anchor in this area during spring and summer.


The historical Landmark. This is a small historic landmark that can be found among many others in the area. This is where Thomas Jefferson and other notable figures lived. They once had a store here.


The Old Public House. This is a building that has stood since the 1700’s. It was built by Thomas Edison. Today it houses the Old Public House Gallery. This is a family owned business.


The Winstons’ Home. This is a home built by John Winstons. It can be found on the shore between Dedham and Sandwich Islands. Mr. Winstons built the home as a summer home for his family.


The King’s Home. This home was built by King George. It is located on the site of the present day King’s Chapel in Framingham. King’s Chapel was built in 1660.


There are many more Landmarks in Framingham. All of them can be found listed below. They range from historical buildings to homes. You can learn more about each one by clicking on their names. There are also links below to learn more about all of these sites.


The National Alarm Society Building. This is a historic building that has been upgraded and is located in the Stokesbury section of Framingham. It was built by the National Alarm Society. This is a great place to work and live.


The Peabody Plantation was once a plantation found in the Nantucket style. Today it is a museum. It has been relocated many times, but it is still a beautiful location to see.


These are just a few of the many famous landmarks in Framingham. There are so much more. If you like to travel then you will want to consider all of the various locations found here. No matter what your vacation needs may be you will find what you are looking for at the Landmarks in Framingham.




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