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Utimate Guide To Making Money In OSRS

Oct 22

The more OSRS gold you have, the easier and better your Old School RuneScape experience is going to be. Money makes the world go round, and it's the same for OSRS.

Old School RuneScape gold makes people do virtual chores.

Sometimes players risk their necks and face awe-inspiring Dragons to take their treasures for themselves and sometimes they do chores.

With our OSRS money-making guide we will cover a few ways to make OSRS gold so that it does not become a boring chore, but the opposite – a fun activity you are looking forward to!

Ways To Gather OSRS Gold


Our ancestors practiced this practice for thousands of years. Generation after generation, they would travel from settlement to settlement, flipping items restlessly. It was a really difficult activity before currency got introduced and even then, dangers lay in every corner.

Nowadays you don’t have to travel via the Silk Road to become rich. It’s enough for you to only sit back and sip your favorite beverage while RuneScape gold pours into your vault clinking.

Flipping is an activity when you basically buy low, sell high. It’s like the stock market, but can’t crash. Flipping, like anything else, requires practice and especially information.

Slaying Avianses

This particular gold-making method falls under the “two birds with one stone” category. That is due to the fact, that not only will you be making tons of gold but you will also obtain tons of Ranged XP.

Aviansies are majestic monsters loyal to Armadyl locked in the eternal battle against the forces of Zamorak in God Wars Dungeon.

As such, you can ambush them and take their loot. Since Aviansies are flying creatures, you cannot hit them with melee. You can use Magic, but Ranged is recommended, especially if you have Toxic Blowpipe. Toxic Blowpipe will increase your profits, true, but it will increase your Ranged XP gains even more.

For the scrooges of OSRS, we recommend using the best crossbow available. It will reduce Ranged XP gains, but you will not be losing gold on Zulrah’s scales.  

Don’t forget to bring food as well as your gear! To save yourself some trouble, wear an Armadyl-affiliated piece of clothing and/or have a Zamorak related item. Otherwise, every creature in the area will be aggressive towards you.

Buy RuneScape Gold

The easiest method to acquire OSRS gold hands down is simply buying it.

OSRS is a huge game and you might simply not have enough time to enjoy the entirety of it, especially when you need to farm gold.

To avoid the tedium and experience all Gielinor has to offer you can buy OSRS gold for real money instead of grinding for hours and hours.               

Numerous people and many sites are selling OSRS gold. Individuals often offer lower prices but buying from them carries a greater risk. Sites, on the other hand, are the more expensive option, however, safer.

Unlike random people, sites, and companies behind them are legal entities that must play by the rules or get shut down fast. Random people can vanish into the virtual thin air as quickly as they have appeared together with your money.


Getting back to Armadyl and his pets left on RuneScape, we have Kree‘arra, the leader of the aforementioned Aviansies. Bossing in OSRS is always a good gold-making method at any given level.

Therefore, if you are ready to up your game a little, go bring down the big guy. In addition to dropping many goodies, this angry bird also drops the best Ranged equipment currently in the game.          

The best method to kill Kree’arra is to use Black Chinchompas in tandem with Blood Barrage. With this method, you will not be attacking the boss directly but rather lure his bodyguard near him and then attack the bodyguard.

Since both attacks are Area of Effect, you will be hitting both targets. This particular style allows the player to deal more damage.

This is because when attacking a bodyguard near Kree’arra with Black Chinchompas, only the guard’s Defense counts when calculating damage and not the Defense of the boss himself.